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January 1998
Pitt of Horror 1997 Xmas Card

Pitt of Horror 1997 Xmas Card

I've got a theory. Somewhere, someone is tampering with time. There's a big wind-up going on that can only end in disaster. I can remember when a day lasted for at least - well - 24 hours. A week was a huge chunk out of my life, a month lasted forever and a year was a curtailed eternity. Now you get up in the morning and it's time for hot chocolate and bed.

Every day seems to be Friday, monthly bills drop on the mat in a never ending stream and I get older by the minute. And the minute is on me again, I'm afraid. On 21st November I went into my second millennium. You don't believe me? I see - you do believe me. Another illusion shattered. But at least I'm a bolshie Scorpio - so there!

It's good that the years are doing away with that old dinner party routine of guess the birth sign. It is always such a bore. Especially if you get it right. Then everyone thinks you are some sort of swarmi and trot out all their woes in the vain hope that you can tell them what to do with the rest of their lives. As if I haven't got enough trouble!

Had a great trip to the States for Hallowe'en. It was that trip that started the introspective on time. I looked forward to it for so long then - poof - it's all over. The visit was to meet old friends at the CHILLER THEATRE EXP097 in Secaucus, New Jersey. I managed to persuade Ken Russell, the brilliant movie director, to come along with me. It turned out to be one of my better ideas. Ken and I put on some great performances - if I may be so modest - at the Convention. On stage together we managed to entertain our audiences by sparking off each other's reminiscences.

Another example of the passage of time rammed in my teeth. Just as an insurance Ken brought along a giggle-box. An electronic device which went into uncritical peals of laughter at the touch of a button. It wasn't needed but it's a wonderful emergency standby and I must get one.

I also had the opportunity to meet one of my all-time favourites, Geoffrey Holder. Remember him as the Voodoo man in Live and Let Die? I met him once before when he was filming on 'Krakatoa - East of Java' and I was doing something inconsequential on a spaghetti western. It's wonderful to meet old friends.

Still have no news about the comic or the statue. The Americans are very keen to produce the comic but there are no dates yet. I don't know what to say about the statue. The new collectors magazine 'Area 51', has proposed to run a competition to see who can come up with something which looks at least a little like me, so I'm still hopeful.

How do you like the website? If you can suggest any improvements I'd be more than happy to hear from you. It's hard to be objective in a vacuum.

Whatever happens - let me hear from you. The way time passes I need all the support I can muster. Hope you feel the same and want to interface. See - I am getting to grips with the new terminology.

Until next time - don't step on any cracks and keep off the thin ice.

Luv Ingrid

The Writings of Ingrid Pitt