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November 1998

Confession Time!

I must admit I love all this book-signing lark. You sit there smugly, adulterate pristine fly-leaves with some condescending message and pretend it was all so easy-peasy. The good thing about it is that everybody is so kind and they don't tell you what a load of bulls*** you're wallowing in. It's a good way to meet a lot of interesting and forgiving people. And learn a lot about the publishing game.

Ingrid Pitt

Batsfords, the publishers of The Bedside Companion for Vampire Lovers, have really got behind the book, but even they didn't expect to sell-out quite so quickly. I had more faith and bought a load up front - so if you are looking for a Bedside Companion and get a negative shake of the head in the High Street, use the Pitt of Horror online store now!

One of the best `do's' I've been to recently was down in Chatham. A group of theatre lovers have got together to try and save The Theatre Royal. It was a project dear to the heart of Peter Cushing and it now looks as if, with the council backing it, there maybe a future for the derelict theatre. I was there to open an exhibition of Peter's water colours and unveil a bust of his head.

Sheila Gray, secretary of the restoration group, rang me a couple of days after my visit and told me that at last the local council have decided to help out with a welcome £50,000. Now I don't want to claim that my visit had anything to do with the councils belated magnanimity but..... whatever the reason, I was asked back in October and presented with a life-size head of Peter Cushing. Tit for tat! In Vampire Lovers he decapitated me - now I've got my own back. I wish Peter had been there to see it, it would have suited his sense of humour.

So if you want to help out the theatre and do something in Peter's memory and get yourself a star in the foyer as a benefactor, send a donation to me and mark it - Peter Cushing Memorial Theatre, and I'll see it gets where it will do the most good.

Another great bash was the Symphony of Shadows in Whitby on the weekend of October 3rd. The Vampire Ball was a smash hit. Some of the costumes were so gorgeous I wondered how anyone had the nerve to wear them. Louis Ravensfield of Bloodstone Magazine was particularly over the top with his Pharaoh get-up (see pic), but passed un-noticed amongst the glittering array.

Louis Ravensfield

Louis Ravensfield

Stanley Gibbons, everyones' favourite stamp shop in the Strand, have brought out a cover with a picture of me from the Vampire Lovers on it. That's flattery! I've been going to a few Stamp Shows - Olympia, Manchester, Stakis Hotel etc. - promoting the cover. Its been great fun. `Look at me, mum. I'm on top of an envelope', to paraphrase extremely loosely. The cover can be had, signed and postage paid, from Stanley Gibbons, 399 The Strand, London, England. WC2R 0LX. Quote IP911.

The Hammer Music has always had a special quality. It was an integral part of the any film. Remember Quatermass? What about that dramatic Dra-cu-la? And the haunting background melodies from Vampire Lovers? Gary Wilson of Audio Books and Music Co. has gathered all the great scores together on a CD - The Hammer Film Music Collection - Vol 1. It came out at the beginning of November and there has been a great demand. You can get it from the Pitt of Horror Company for just £15 - and I'll even sign it - there's a picture of Chris Lee and me on the cover.

The launch was put on by the Forbidden Planet at the Conservatory in London. There was a great turn out. Caroline Munro, Caren Gardner, Martine Beswicke, James Bernard, Suzanna Leigh, Andrea Lawrence etc. Even Hammer Chairman and the MD turned out, Roy and Graham Skeggs. The weather was foul, but inside the champagne flowed and everybody had a great time.

It looks like the Horror Holiday will take place next September - last weekend into October. A deserted holiday camp on a lonely clifftop surrounded by miles of blasted heath (nobody will hear you scream) is being lined up as the venue. It will be a week-long freakout with wall to wall horror films and events. It will be a chance for everyone to get into a film made by a professional crew. On the last night, after a barbeque on the beach, a 25ft effigy of the Wicker Man will be burnt on the clifftop. Dates and details will be finalised by the end of November. If you want to know more send for details to Horror Retreat, Pitt of Horror, PO Box 403, Richmond. TW10 6FW. England - or just log on.

The Bedside Companion for Ghostbusters is with the publishers now and, regardless of what the catalogue says, will be on the shelves in April.

And you've heard about coals to Newcastle and selling fridges at the north pole - what about this? In the last couple of months the Pitt of Horror has sold six Vampire cloaks to - wait for it - Rumania!

Luv Ingrid

The Writings of Ingrid Pitt