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October 2002


Ingrid Pitt

I'm back! If you hadn't noticed that I have been away - hard! I must say I was a bit overwhelmed by Simone's flattering tribute. She's obviously had a sheltered life and has only been around me when I've been in a good mood. But I must say she has been marvellous while I was in hospital.

In spite of a heavy work schedule running her own business (she sells property in France), she has kept most things up to date for me. My present status is A OK. I'll try not to make this too wince-making but if you are squeamish you should look away now.

My eye, which had gone blind due to the medication I took over a period of two years, is still a bit dodgy but as long as I don't want to see anything, is serviceable. I have one of the most wonderful scars on my belly that you could wish for. In fact, when I do the new voice anime that I'm up for in January, I've asked to have the name of the character changed. In the last one it was Lady Violator. I've suggested Lady Cicatrix. And I'm considering travelling the country with a little tent. Five quid to get a first hand gawk at the scars. But the Scalpelteer seems to have done a good job and once I get back on the treadmill my stomach should be wasp-like in no time.

And my heart. What can I say. After waiting for nearly two years I at last found someone prepared to stick the knife in. It's beating away like a sledge hammer now. I would put myself up for a few marathons and triathlons but I think it might be cheating. Unless there is a Bionic Woman section.

Ingrid Pitt

The down side of all that time lolling around on an operating table is that I have had to miss some really great Conventions. There was one down in Wales that I had to pull out of because the old ticker was playing up - pre-op. Then the night before I was due to go to the SECC in Glasgow for Memorabilia I caught an infection and had to pull out. A bit pissed off about that. I had insured myself against illness but when I made the claim the insurance refused to pay - because I didn't have the right illness. So be warned! Make sure you have the right illness for the right insurance policy. I've also cancelled the Chiller Theatre in New Jersey. I was all ready to go but I was warned off. I have to take it easy until November - just to be sure.

Then it's all systems go. First up is Leicester on 10th November. I will be appearing at the Aylestone Leisure Centre for the Music and Film Fair. You're safe. I'm not singing - just signing. Before that I have three of four radio interviews publicising the event.

Two days later I'm doing a commentary for the release of the new DVD COUNTESS DRACULA. This will be coupled with VAMPIRE LOVERS and marketed as a boxed set in January 2003. Then I'm off to Paris for a PA at a Ghost Evening. I'm not sure that is me. They're probably going to be disappointed when I show up in the flesh. They had probably heard about my bouts in hospital and expected me to turn up in a less corporeal state. I do have a sort of qualification, my book The Bedside Companion for Ghosthunters.

Henry Cook has proved that he is a good mate and not mad at me for not turning up in Glasgow by inviting me to the NEC Birmingham for Memorabilia, 16th -17th November.

A week later, the 23rd. I'm at the Hammersmith Polish Centre for the 6th Annual Fan Club Reunion where you will have the opportunity of dining with the likes of horror author James Herbert and the legendary Ray Harryhausen. Plus others who haven't confirmed yet. In the past we have had Carolyn Munro, Doug (Pinhead) Bradley, Valerie Leon, Anthony Bate, Fenella Fielding, Garfield Morgan, Janina Faye, Robin Parkinson, Producer Chris Chrisafis and many others. Tickets for the event are £35 for Club members and £40 for non-members. It's a sit-down dinner and there is dancing to a Russian band.

Then I'm doing a stint on the shopping channel before turning out for the Music and Film Fair at the Wembley Exhibition Centre on 30th November and 1st. December.

And then it's Christmas....

The Writings of Ingrid Pitt