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May 2003


IP and Madeleine Smith

IP and Madeleine Smith

I never thought I would be considered a ‘wet’. Somebody who went all wishy-washy at the suggestion that someone with a bomb should drop a bomb on someone without one. A peace-nik. A cowgirl who wanted to see a smoking gun before her hand streaked to the holster at mesmeric speed and emptied the contents of her old fashioned, morally justified six shooter, effectively into the target before, with the aid of a purely led life and superior reflexes, leaping aside to avoid the incoming artillery.

Pete Burroughs, IP, Warwick Davies

Pete Burroughs, IP, Warwick Davies

But suddenly I’m converted. I do seem to have picked up an international conscience along the way. I want to see that ‘smoking gun’. And I want it to be waved about by someone I trust. Not by someone with a vested interest. What happens if there is nerra a trace of smoke? Do we brush Saddam Hussein down, apologise and escort him back to Baghdad?

The scariest thing I have seen on TV for a long time is President Bush rejoicing in bringing the remains of an 8,000 year old civilisation to a catastrophic end and wallowing in what he describes as a magnificent victory which will show the world that the USA is ready and willing to whip arse. (Paraphrased but essentially correct). I think we can safely forecast that the Middle East will become a bloodbath of internecine warfare and it will be generations before a Westerner will be able to feel save visiting some of the most ancient works of art and artefacts the world has ever produced.

Melanie Light and a couple of Monsters

Then there is the unspoken but veiled warning that Syria and Iran might be the next in the computerised bombsights of our Air forces. And, of course, there is Palestine. I suppose when you are brought up on computer games where the only consideration is getting to level six, real death and destruction seems hardly worth bothering about. You can always start again. Unless the world is rendered down to Prince Charles’s much publicised ‘grey-gloo’.

IP and Carel Struychen

IP and Carel Struychen

To happier things. The newly inaugurated Chillerfest at the Radisson Edwards Hotel had quality but was short of shuffling feet. Much of this was put down to the ‘war’ with Iraq. Guests included Warwick Davis, Pete Burroughs, Scott Schwartz, Sarah York, Carel Struychen, Caroline Munro and Valerie Leon. A two day affair, it featured a fancy dress ball on the Saturday Night which had some great costumes to judge. I was particularly taken with a couple of Freddy Kruegers, a Jason, and Melanie Light as a Grim Reaper Bride. Chillerfest will be repeated 27-28th. September when it is hoped the echos of war have died down.

As usual the turnout at Memorabilia at the NEC was fantastic. It just gets better and better. The guest list was a great attraction, Marina Sirtis from Star Trek, Mark Lutz from Angel, Battleship Gallactica was piloted in by Herb Jefferson Jnr, from Red Dwarf we had Danny John Jules, Darth Vader in the form of Dave Prowse was prominent, Madeleine Smith, my victim in Vampire Lovers and a Bond Girl to boot made a rare appearance and there were sport stars and film stars from all the popular productions. Next Memorabilia in the NEC Birmingham is on 26 - 27th. July and then the show moves up to Scotland’s SECC August 23 - 24th before returning to the NEC 29 - 30th. November. Not to be missed.

Another unmissable is the 7th. Fan Club Reunion and Birthday Bash at the Polish Centre, Hammersmith on November 22nd.

Also now on the site you will find Part Two of the Hammer Story. If you are a Hammer Fan, you can find out all the things you ever wanted to know and didn’t like to ask. Part One starts with the foundation of Excelsior Distribution Company which metamorphosed in to Hammer and built up a reputation for cheap, entertaining films based on radio series such as PC 49. Life with the Lyons, The Man in Black and, providentially, Quatermass. Part Two takes the story on to the discovery that horror sells and the development of all the monsters you could digest. And thirdly, while I’m in the pushy mode, the full range of Official Hammer Greetings Cards, the famed Steffie Cards, can be found in the store. What more could you want?

The Writings of Ingrid Pitt