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February 2004
Ingrid Pitt Ready For Action

It's amazing how my few innocent remarks on the state of the world, and Iraq in particular, under War President Kemo Sabe Bush and his trusty Tonto Blair, have generated so much mail. I am happy to say that most of it is friendly but quite a number of correspondents are extremely rude and abusive. Which is rather quaint. Especially when I am told that 'as a woman' I 'don't understand' what is happening in the Middle East. To get this sort of reaction I must have touched a nerve somewhere. Especially with one 'fan' who said he thought I was a superb actress but obviously lived totally in the make believe world of the silver screen. I guess he's right. What would I know about young blokes, some of them still in their teens, getting blown asunder? As a mere woman I should obviously confine myself to being barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. But I've done that bit and loved every minute of it. Now I'm in my dotage my hormones have gone out of kilter and I've lost all understanding of the modern world. Of course, as an actress and a dumb blonde to boot, I don't know nuffink. Although I do seem to remember in the dim and distant past being knocked about by another power mad regime that allowed men in uniforms to declare that what they said and thought was right. And Jews were the cause of all the trouble in the world.

This does open up a few problems. If, as War President Kemo Sabe claims, countries which store chemical weapons or nuclear armaments and other weapons of mass destruction must be made to give them up, why doesn't he set the ball rolling by cleaning out his own contaminated attic? As The United States is the prime manufacturer and marketer of the weapons that should be banned, it seems strange that the War President takes such an evangelising stance without donning the sackcloth and ashes. It is also strange that while taking a stand against reducing the causes of atmospheric pollution and pointing the finger at countries whose human rights policies leave much to be desired, he maintains Guantanamo Bay.

Still, maybe he will be able to legalise his position in November by being elected with a mandate from the voters and not from the power lobbies.

The film I was supposed to start at the beginning of March has disappeared like an early morning mist before a gale. Pity! The Graham Masterton book, PREY, on which it was based, is just bursting to be captured between the sprocket holes. Unfortunately the producer found himself on the wrong side in a WATCHDOG investigation and has had to emulate the mist. Actresses lives, eh! No wonder we don't know nothing about nothing! The good but sour news is that the Hammer book, THE HAMMER XPERIENCE moves slowly forward, still with the July deadline in focus but getting a little frazzled around the edges. In spite of broadcasting more appeals for inside stories on the great days of the company from 1935 until the seventies I have had only one result. There must be pictures and anecdotes out there that are worth recording. If you do stumble across something as you clear up the basement please, please, please send it to me at PO Box 403, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 6FW or email it to All contributors will get an acknowledgement in the book.

The 8th FAN CLUB REUNION AND BIRTHDAY BASH will be on 20th November, that's a Saturday, at the Polish Centre, in Kings Street, Hammersmith, London. Appropriate really. Will Hammer, one of the founding fathers of Hammer had a comedy act before he became a film impresario. He and his straight man called themselves Hammer and Smith because they used to perform in the Hammersmith Empire. Hammer's real name was Hinds but when the film company was formed he and the other prime mover, Enrique Carreras decided to go with the name that was to become synonymous with Horror - Hammer. The Reunion has really picked up since the first meeting of minds in the basement of a little restaurant in Shepherds Bush in 1997. Since it started we have had some really exciting guests turn up. James (The Rats) Herbert, Caroline Munro, Fenella Fielding, Valerie Leon, Doug (Pinhead) Bradley, Peter (Krull) Brace, James (Hammer music) Bernard, Dorothy (Bond Stunts) Ford, Robin ('allo! 'allo!) Parkinson, Anthony Bate, Janina (The Day of the Triffids) Faye and many more. We have also had people come from America, Argentina, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany and France. And massive support from friends all over the British Isles. Already there are several guests booked up from America but if I don't stop sniping at Kemo Sabe and Tonto that could all change very rapidly. We are limited to 70 places so if you want to book up for the party of the year it is best to get in early. Club members have priority but we are open to anyone who feels like champagne, fabulous Polish nosh and berserker dancing to a real, live Russian band.

Dates for meeting up with old friends and making new ones are coming along nicely for the year. 17 -18th. April is the Annual pilgrimage to the NEC in Birmingham for Memorabilia, then in August there is a trip to Cherry Hill in New Jersey for Monster Mania's show 27th -29th August at the Hilton Hotel. Another visit to the NEC Birmingham and then Toronto in September and hopefully Chiller in New Jersey in October.

Just one other little thing. Back in 1971? I made a film which was distributed by Rank, called NOBODY ORDERED LOVE. Shortly after it was released there was a dispute between either the distributors and the producers or the producers and the writer - not sure which - but the film was withdrawn and has not been seen - to my knowledge anyway - since. Anyone know what happened to it?

Keep the faith and remember to keep your powder dry or you'll never get kissed.

The Writings of Ingrid Pitt