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March 2006

Ingrid Says....

Just been watching Conoleezza Rice telling us what is what. I think she is wonderful. Determination and intelligence just shine out of her. I guess she doesn't need me to tell her that. It is not the easiest thing to become the most powerful woman in the world. I'm sure, looking at the situation in the world from the American perspective, she means everything she says.

What worries me is how dependable are her information sources. I'll paraphrase a few things she appears to say in her speech. Always a dangerous thing to do but if I am wrong I will willingly apologise - I'm not a politician.

During her speech she said something like, "It was America's intervention in World War 2 that gave the chance to the Germans to embrace Democracy". The way I remember the relevant points of the war is that the British during the Battle of Britain fought the Nazis to a standstill and they decided to head east for Russia instead. Russia not only fought them to a standstill but reversed polarity and chased them back to Germany. Now I'm not underestimating America's part in the war for a moment. If they hadn't been forced into it by the Japanese, the war would probably have lasted another year or so, but Russia, with Britain helping out, would have prevailed in the end.

The other interesting point is what America would have done if Britain had caved in and let the Germans take over? Would they then have become the Nazis best friend? It would have made excellent economic sense. America was the big financial winner in the war - it would have been hard for them to miss out on such a wonderful opportunity.

Another thing Condoleezza mentioned was that people had to want Democracy. They had to fight for it. It couldn't be imposed upon them. I thought that was what we were doing? Using that yard stick there seemed to be very little support for Democracy when Saddam ruled the sands. It has only been since the Coalition arrived there that we have seen Iraqis fighting in the streets. She also seemed to still believe that Saddam had a long range weapons of mass destruction capability. Even Tony Blair has calmed down the rhetoric on that one.

Condoleezza also said that America would have no truck with countries that went to war and also wanted to indulge in politics. I wonder where she was when Americans were supporting the IRA while they blasted their way around Britain while at the same time, through Sinn Fein, were talking up their right to sit in the British parliament? And getting support from American Presidents to boot. Terrorism was only recognised officially by Americans after 9/11. As tragic as it is, that doesn't compare with the thousands of Brits who died while the American government sold out of date equipment for prime prices to the Brits for two years before 'intervening' in the war.

Guess I'm at it again. I swear I'll shut up. Although it might not seem like it, I like the Americans. I like their country. What I can't stand is their politicians. And the American film industry, its producers and directors who firmly believe that Americans, alone and unaided, came to Europe's aid and whulped the Nazis all by themselves. At the least it is insulting to the millions of Russians and the thousands of other nationalities that died for the sake of freedom. At its worse that sort of mentality is terrifying.

Right - I'm putting the soap box away for good and taking up flower arranging. I wonder what Condoleezza could do with a couple of Daffs and a sprig of heather?

The Writings of Ingrid Pitt